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COLBY A.F.C. LIMITED - Terms and Conditions

Lettings terms


Fees will be charged in advance.   All sessions booked must be paid for unless they are cancelled by the hirer with at least 7 days notice or by the Club.  In these cases a credit will be given normally against a future booking.  The pitch is a Type 3G AWP suitable for all weather.


Whilst the Club is responsible for the safety of the site, the hirer is responsible for supervising the activity and actions of those present.    The hirer needs to ensure that there is a register of those present for use in an emergency and to ensure first aid provision.  The Club has a first aid box that may be used but the Club does not provide a qualified first aider.  Therefore the hirer needs to provide the first aider cover for activities and to ensure that there are sufficient adults present to supervise children should it be necessary to take a child to hospital. The Hirers must ensure that all children attending their activities, have left the site, before they themselves leave.  The Hirer will ensure that the Emergency procedures provided by the Club is understood by the adults supervising the activity.  The Club risk assessment is held in the Club office and may be viewed at any time. Hirers need to ensure that any adults working with young people or vulnerable adults are CRB checked. 


Hirers are covered by the Club’s  public liability insurance to cover their liabilities


Any damage to the property or contents arising out of the letting must be made good at the expense of the hirer to the satisfaction of Club. Hirers are required to sign the indemnity form to this effect.   


Sports equipment

Players may only wear clean trainers, Astros or plastic studded boots and no metal studs or blades on the Astro Pitch, metal studs or blades must not be worn as they damage the surface. The hirer should advise the Club if they notice any faults to the equipment or have any concerns about the safety of any equipment, in which case it should not be used.   Requests for the use of equipment must be made at the point of booking.


Club use of facilities

There may be rare occasions where the Club needs to use the facilities when there would normally be a booking eg for tournaments, parents evenings.  On such occasions the Club will give at least two weeks notice of the need to cancel the booking and any booking fee paid for the session will be refunded. 


The Club caretaking staff are responsible for the locking and unlocking of the site.


7 days notice are required for cancellations or requests for changes to the bookings.  The Club will notifiy users as soon as practical if bad weather makes it unsafe to use the Astro.


There is a slope between the Car Park and Astro Pitch. Wheelchair users should contact the lettings officer so that the vehicle access gates can be opened.  There are disabled toilet accessible in the Clubhouse.

Other matters

Smoking - Please note that the Astro site is no smoking. The dedicated smoking is outside the Clubhouse front door

Noise – please be considerate to our neighbours

Parking – vehicles may be parked in the marked spaces. Please ensure that the road is kept clear for emergency vehicles.

Licences – the Club has no licence for public entertainment nor the sale of alcohol.




The Hirer hereby indemnifies the Club and its officers and servants from and against all actions and claims for damages to person(s) or property arising out of the foregoing arrangements brought against or suffered by the Hirer or any of its officers ,servants, agents or licensees from and against all costs, liabilities and expenses incurred or suffered by the Hirer or any of its officers ,servants, agents or licensees in connection therewith, except where the same is solely attributable to the negligence or default of any officer, servant, agent or licensees of the Hirer or to such proportion of any damage or injury as may be directly attributable to the contributory negligence of such officer, servant, agent or licensees of the Hirer


Agreement of terms

I agree to the lettings terms, to pay the lettings fee and have read  and agree to the emergency operating procedures attached hereto.


Emergency Operating Procedures


Out of Hours emergency contact number:  421920 or 496308 or 454828

Person in charge: Dicky Gale


 1.    FIRST AID


A first aid kit is located in the kit/boiler room in Clubhouse

The nearest public telephone is located at Colby Bridge  

A first aider should be available to provide first aid treatment.  Most emergencies can be resolved on the spot, however, in the event of a serious incident, which could range from an injury or illness requiring medical treatment to a fatality, the following formal procedures must be followed:




Minor Injury eg: small cut, graze, bumps, bruises



Major injury



In the case of children, the parent must be informed of any incident as soon as possible.


Record any accidents or injuries and ensure they are reported promptly to the Club.  The Club will then follow their incident reporting procedures.  In general, most legally reportable accidents will need to be reported to the Club by the hirer. They will, however, have to be reported by the Club if they result from a Club work activity, or are due to the state of the premises.




When calling the emergency services it is important that they are given the full information.  Remember, when calling 999 for the police, ambulance or fire brigade, the “control room” for these services may not be local, do not expect the operator to know where the Club is.





Nearest main road or other landmark opposite Colby Glen Hotel Main Road Colby





The fire alarm sound is a continuous siren which is easily recognised. 


On discovering a fire the fire alarm must be activated.  Do not attempt to tackle the fire unless safe to do so (ie: the fire can be quickly extinguished with the minimum of risk to self).


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all staff (both paid and volunteer) involved understand the basic fire precaution arrangements and procedures:



Provide a map showing the above if possible.


A fire assembly point should be allocated.  If evacuation is necessary it is important to remember the following golden rules:


Remember it is better to make 100 calls to the emergency services, than everyone assumes that someone else has, and eventually make none!


Any sounding of an alarm (including false alarms) should be reported to the Club.





All thefts should be recorded whether from the Club or an individual. In the case of an individual, take a record of the name, address and telephone number of the person whom the theft has occurred against. Thefts from the Club should be reported to the Club at the earliest opportunity.  The Club or person concerned should be asked if they wish the theft to be reported to the police.  While reporting it to the police you should ask for a CAD (incident) number and make a note of the number for future reference.


If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a particular person may have been involved in the theft then the police must be contacted and the person informed of the course of action being taken.


If the person is still on the premises then they cannot be physically restrained or held against their will, the same is applicable to the person’s property or clothing as this constitutes assault.  Every effort should be made to detain the person until the police arrive. 






Should an actual or alleged assault take place, the most senior person available on site should be informed or summoned if on the site.


The incident should be investigated in an attempt to find the background factors that led to the assault and seek witnesses (names and addresses to be taken).


Where injury was sustained, first aid should be provided and if necessary the ambulance and police services should be called.  Report promptly to the Club.





All persons found to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol should be asked to leave the premises, and if necessary escorted off the site by the most senior person available.  It is important that no one places themselves at risk when dealing with disruptive or threatening behaviour relating from drug or alcohol abuse: in all such cases the police should be summoned.


In serious cases (i.e. unconscious casualty) the ambulance service must be called.  During the interim period the casualty should be treated by a qualified first aider.




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